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CC2k has decided to help promote Hulu by featuring a few select TV series for your viewing pleasure.

Our fist offering is Heroes one of our all time favorite prime time series. As you probably know Heroes has just wrapped up season 3 and we are proud to feature all 25 episodes courtesy of Hulu.
Hulu is a great way to view feature length movies shows and videos right from your computer. Shows and Movies are presented with limited commercial interruptions and that's a real plus, in fact I think it benefits everyone. I don't go rushing to the kitchen because the average commercial break on Hulu is 30-45 seconds. Yes, you heard me right, 30-45 seconds! I feel like I am winning because if I am really wrapped up in the show I don't have those long drug our 5+ minute commercial breaks, and the sponsors win too because I will actually sit thru a short commercial and watch it instead of taking a break from the TV screen and coming back when it is all over, in fact TV and Cable should take a hint and try the same.

We hope you will enjoy our offering and please visit Hulu for more great entertainment.  Visit Hulu Here

Select a show to begin your viewing experience.


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